Visit Portugal! The source for South Africans visiting Portugal.
The source for South Africans visiting Portugal!
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Visit Portugal!

Portugal, Europe's paradise, is the 15th most popular destination worldwide, according to the World Tourism Organization.

The natural advantages of a sunny country with diverse geographic features, the genuine hospitality of the Portuguese people and the nation's vast monumental, artistic and archaeological heritage have turned Portugal into the chosen destination for international holidaymakers.

Portugal's strength as a holiday destination is its diversity - mountains, vast arid plains, sub-tropical volcanic islands and lush meadows, as well as hundreds of kilometres of gleaming white beaches offering the opportunity for a rejuvenating yet restful break at any time of the year.

For a relatively small nation, Portugal has surprising gastronomic variety featuring homemade bread, meat and shellfish.


Portuguese food is inexpensive, delicious and served in generous portions.

Meals may be complemented with Portugal's good quality wines (vinhos) or port - the drink synonymous with Portugal.

The nation's best-known musical form is the melancholic fado (songs believed to have originated from the pinings of 16th-century sailors), while traditional folk dancing remains popular in rural towns.

Portugal's rich literary tradition also has its origins in the 16th century, with the publication of works by the dramatist Gil Vicente and the poet Luís de Camões.

The most striking craft is the making of decorative tiles known as azulejos, a technique the Portuguese learnt from the Moors.

Portugal remains one of the most affordable and fascinating destinations in the world.


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